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Save a lot & enjoyBenefit from the many advantages of the BrixenCard

Bet everything on a card in your holiday at the Plose! As our guest you enjoy the many saving-advantages of the BrixenCard, which we provide you free of charge for the duration of your stay. This priority card is included in the room rate and gives you free access to many attractions, offers and transport connections in the Brixen and South Tyrol region.

The advantages of the BrixenCard in summer

With the BrixenCard you travel for free with all public transports of the South Tyrol transport association. You can use buses, city buses, the Plose ski bus, the public cableways and even regional trains to Trient free of charge.

Free ride to the Plose
This is of particular interest to you as a holidaymaker at the local mountain of Brixen: with the BrixenCard in your pocket you can make a free mountain ride back and forth with the cable car to the Plose.

Go on a hiking tour
The Brixen Tourism Association has created a varied hiking and activity program where you can take part in for free with the benefits card.

Enjoy a great event and cultural program
The Brixen Tourism Association not only organizes hiking and other outdoor activities, but also starts off each year a diverse cultural program, whose events are free for the BrixenCard holders.

Have a nice day at Acquarena
The Acquarena is the largest fun and adventure aquatic park in South Tyrol and especially for families during summer holidays an attractive excursion destination for a whole day. The BrixenCard offers you, apart from on Sundays and bank holidays, a bathing and wellness pleasure of the superlative, for which you do not have to pay entrance.

Take a look at the Brixen ice rink
Crown your winter activities with a visit to the Brixner Ice Arena (closed in the summer).

Visit museums all over South Tyrol
Nearly 90 museums in South Tyrol offer you free entry upon the presentation of the BrixenCard. Among them there the Brixner Diocesan Museum, then Neustift Monastery, the Bozen " Archeological museum Ötzi" or the Messner Mountain Museums Ripa and Firmian.

Discounts, reductions, benefits
The BrixenCard has a number of interesting partners who will give you discounts and other benefits.


• Wöchentliche Stadtführung in Brixen um 17 Uhr
• Wochenmarkt in Brixen (ohne Begleitung) vormittags bis 13 Uhr

• Geführte Almwanderung auf der Plose vom 01.07. bis 30.09.
• Kinderprogramm „Abenteuer am Ploseberg“ 09.07. bis 03.09. (nicht betreutes, individuelles Programm)
• Kinderprogramm Familienführung „Brixner Stadtgeschichten für die ganze Familie“ 16.07. bis 27.08.

•Wöchentlich geführte Wanderung zur hauseigenen Almhütte (Speck-Käsebrettl und Getränke inkl.)
• Stadtführung in Brixen vom 02.04. bis 29.10.
• Kinderprogramm „Gauklerspiele in der Hofburg“ Juli und August

• Geführte Halbtageswanderung in der Umgebung von Brixen vom 08.05. bis 30.10.
• Geführte Almwanderung vom 03.07. bis 25.09.
• Geführte abendliche Turmbesteigung „Weißer Turm in Brixen“ um 21 Uhr

• Geführte „WeinTour“ durch Brixen vom 03.05. bis 12.07.
• Stadtführung „Mit dem Nachtwächter unterwegs“ in Brixen vom 04.07. bis 26.09.

• Bauernmarkt in Brixen (ohne Begleitung) vormittags bis ca. 13 Uhr

The advantages of the BrixenCard in winter

  • All public transportation in the South Tyrolean transportation system
  • A ride up and down the mountain with the Plose mountain railway
  • Admission to the Acquarena leisure pool
  • Free admission to almost all South Tyrolean museums
  • An extensive cultural and hiking program
  • 4km from the Plose ski area (bus stop is 50m from hotel)
  • Guided snowshoe hiking at no charge (Thursday and Sunday) Free admission to the largest leisure pool in South Tyrol – "Acquarena" in Brixen – from Monday through Saturday (2.5 hours)7km from the old city of Brixen (free bus connections), including one free guided tour per week.
  • Free tour "Out and about with the night watchman".
  • The longest valley descent in South Tyrol with a length of 9km and altitude of 1,400 meters to St. Andrä
  • The longest sled run in South Tyrol with a length of 10km to St. Andrä (cable car once per day at no charge).
  • Friday Night Fever (Fridays and on nights with a full moon, the cable car and sled run remain open from 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)
  • Plose Fun Park for freestyle skiers, with daily maintenance by the Plose shaper team
  • Children's play area at the summit station
  • Brixen Ice Rink or natural ice rink at St. Andrä
  • Horse-drawn sleigh rides to Rossalm (start: summit station 2km)
  • Idyllic moonlit ride from the Ackerboden lodge
  • Paragliding tandem flight with Joe, from the Plose summitl
  • "Sella Ronda" with Heinz on Wednesdays (EUR 20 without ski pass)
  • Tip: Get a combo ski pass for 5 times on the Plose and 1 time on the Sella Ronda


• Wochenmarkt in Brixen (und Weihnachtsmarkt vom 01.12. – 06.01.)
• Wöchentliche Stadtführung in Brixen (Kostenlos anstatt Euro 7,00)

• Berg und Talfahrt mit der Kabinenbahn (Kostenlos anstatt Euro 15,00)
evtl. 10 km Rodelbahn bis nach St.Andrä (Rodelverleih mit unserer Brixencard = Euro 7,00/Rodel)

• Wochenmarkt Bruneck (und Weihnachtsmarkt vom 01.12. – 06.01.)
• Suedtiroler Volkskundemuseum in Dietenheim (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 6,00)
• Burg Taufers (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 9,00)
• Krippensammlung Stabinger (ab 01.02.) (Freier Eintritt)
• Messner Mountain Museum Ortles (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 7,00)
• Messner Mountain Museum Ripa (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 9,00)
• Bergbaumuseum im Kornkasten (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 4,00)
• Marantha –Volkskunst und Krippenmuseum (Freier Eintritt)

• Wochenmarkt Sterzing (und Weihnachtsmarkt vom 01.12. – 06.01.)
• Bergbauwelt Ridnaun Schneeberg, Ridnaun  (nur im Dezember) (Freier Eintritt statt Euro 10,00)

• Wochenmarkt Meran (und Weihnachtsmarkt vom 01.12. – 06.01.)
• Schloss Tirol  (ab Mitte März) (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 7,00)
• Andreas Hofer Museum  (ab Mitte März) (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 8,00)
• Frauenmuseum Meran (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 4,50)
• Eisenbahnwelt (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 9,50)
• Kunst Meran (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 6,00)

• Bauernmarkt in Brixen oder Wochenmarkt Bozen (und Weihnachtsmarkt vom 01.12. – 23.12.)
• Mit dem Nachtwächter unterwegs (siehe TV-Programm) (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro7,00)
• Gedenkstätte des 1. Weltkrieges (Freier Eintritt)
• Domschatzkammer Bozen (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 4,00)
• Krippensammlung Muri Gries (ab 01.02. und im Dezember) (Freier Eintritt)
• Naturmuseum Suedtirol (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 5,00)
• Weinbaumuseum Schloss Rametz (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 5,00)
• Suedtiroler Archäologiemuseum mit „Ötzi“ in Bozen (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 9,00)
• Planetarium Suedtirol (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 7,00)
• Suedtiroler Archäologiemuseum mit „Ötzi“ in Bozen (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 9,00)

Zusätzliche Tipps in Brixen (in 82 Museen freier Eintritt):
• Acquarena (Hallenbad und Freibad mit Salzwasserbecken) (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 9,80)
• Augustiner Chorherrenstift Neustift (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 7,00)
• Krippenmuseum in der Hofburg in Brixen (bis 06.01.) (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 7,00)
• Pharmaziemuseum Brixen (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 3,50)
• Schloss Velthurns (ab 01.03.) (Freier Eintritt anstatt Euro 5,00)
• Heimatmuseum Velthurns (ab Ostern) (Freier Eintritt)
• Bauernmuseum im Tschötscherhof (Freier Eintritt)

Regionalzüge bis nach Trient, Busse, Citybusse und öffentliche Seilbahnen in Suedtirol kostenlos.

Führungen und Wanderungen bitte bei uns oder TV-Brixen anmelden.





You should have experienced this!

We have collected a few event highlights for you, which should not be missed.

Alpine wine tasting at Plose

On all four Saturdays in March the huts invite you to wine tasting around the Plose. Taste fine white wines from the Eisack valley and enjoy the view of the white peaks of the Dolomites.

Find your own balance

In the entire holiday region, from mid-May to late June, a large program of guided hikes to mythical places is offered, as well as outdoor wellness activities, which will lead you back to your inner balance and reconcile body and mind.

Mountain Days Brixen

From the end of May to the beginning of June, the Outdoor magazine organizes the Mountain Days Brixen, which offer a wide range of activities such as sunrise hike, nature photography, wildlife watching or a night in the bivouac.

Dine, Wine & Music

Under this motto in June in the Cathedral square the Brixner hosts organize a culinary event evening with specialties from the Eisack valley and lots of music.

Brixen Dolomites Marathon

The annual Brixen Dolomites-Marathon takes place in July. The start is at 560 m altitude in the historic old town of Brixen and leads up to the Plose, where it ends after the classic marathon distance at 2.446 m altitude.

Summer emotions

From mid-July to mid-August, the alleys of the old bishop's town are bathed every Thursday in a charm of cheerful summer feeling, hospitality, street art, fashion and lots of colorful entertainment.

BIKE Transalp powered by Sigma

In the middle of July the hardest mountain bike stage race will be held for everyone. At the start are 500 twin teams, which have to master the challenging seven mountain stages. Maybe do you want to participate in?!


At the end of September, another bike event, which assembles well-known bikers, manufacturers and tour operators in Brixen - a kind of rolling mountain bike fair with lots of experience possibilities for all requirements.

South Tyrolean bread and strudel market

On the last weekend of September, there is a seductive scent over the Brixner Cathedral square. Here you can actually watch bakeries while preparing tasty pastries, collect lots of impressions around the South Tyrolean bread and of course taste it!

Events while on holiday in Brixen Eisack valley

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