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  • Sommerurlaub in Südtirol

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Brixen Südtirol Plose


Vacation in the Eisacktal - Hiking on the Plose

Summer holidays in South Tyrol

A lot of holiday fun options around the Plose and the Dolomites

What are you planning to do for your summer holiday in the mountains? Long hikes on the Plose or the Rodenecker / Lüsner Alm? Mountain bike tours with the family or thrilling downhill adventure? Maybe even a flight with the paraglider? In front of the majestic enthralling Geisler and the pale Dolomites, the home of Reinhold Messners, experiences with memorable value are self-evident. To a real summer holiday in South Tyrol belongs in any case also a hut tour – best to our own hut, which we are glad to make together with you, and where we exclusively welcome you as a Torgglerhof guest

Spring fun

Isarco Valley
“Valle of Trails”

In the past, the residents tried to avoid the swampy valleys and thus preferred the mountains on their travel routes. Already in ancient times and in the Middle Ages there were inns, churches, and monasteries on the alpine plateaus. There have always been many trails through this unique landscape. Quite a few ambassadors of the good life are at home in the Valley of Trails: Wine growers who grow their vines in selected locations, alpine dairymen who are proud of their homemade goat cheese, or herb farmers who turn a piece of earth into a fragrant garden. Experience the creation of these special flavours of our region up close on guided tours and tastings.

Spring in Isarco Valley South Tyrol
Sonnenskilauf auf der Plose

Pure pleasure

Sun skiing on Mount Plose

Did you know that the downhill run ‘Trametsch’ on Mount Plose counts among the 10 most beautiful slopes in the Alps? No wonder – with a length of 9 km and an altitude difference of 1,500m.

The ski slopes of South Tyrol are known for their excellent preparation. The slopes on Mount Plose offer a real treat for every skier. There is also a large variety of levels of difficulty. And all this even in the spring, with the most beautiful sunshine and temperatures that are no longer quite as wintry.

Gärten von Schloss Trauttmansdorff

Exotica Garned landscapes

The Gardens at the Castle Trauttmansdorff

The gardens of the Castle Trauttmansdorff in Merano extend over an area of 12 hectares, creating a natural amphitheatre. Discover the exotic garden landscapes and at the same time marvel at the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and the spa town of Merano. Plants from all over the world thrive here in more than 80 garden landscapes. A variety of adventure stations, impressive theme gardens and artist pavilions create a colourful world of experiences at the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff.

Brixen Stadt & Kultur & Shopping & Märkte

A City Square in the alps

Bressanone City &
Culture & Shopping & Markets

Bressanone harbours the origins of art, culture, and intellectual history. The more than 1000-year-old South Tyrolean city – and the oldest city in Tyrol – once was a travel stop for the emperors and a splendid episcopal city. Today it offers an exciting bridge between lust for life and reflection. The unique Cathedral Square in the Alps, the listed, large medieval old town, arcades and their alleys, museum treasures and traditional handicrafts invite you to discover, while modern events, cabarets and concerts invite you to linger. Many boutiques, shops, bars, restaurants, and weekly markets fill the city of Bressanone with life.

Summer delights

mountain bike trail

Attention all bikers! Take your mountain bike free of charge into the cable car and drive up to the altitude of 2,050 m on the Plose. Here, not only the hiking trails run on our local mountain, but also fantastic mountain bike trails. For your summer holiday in South Tyrol you could not choose a more beautiful area for your tours. Take for example the Plose Single Trail Flow 6.6 km. It begins at the mountain station and descends over 1,000 m to the valley station – including wild steep curves and challenging downhill passages, which will fascinate every beginner and also give the MTB professionals a pleasant thrill.

Exciting mountain bike trail for your summer vacation
Way up - Alpine hike to huts

Way up

Alpine hike to quaint huts

Discover the most beautiful parts of the Isarco Valley on foot. Enjoy breath-taking views far above the valley floor, explore panoramic sites and viewing platforms, where you may admire 360° panoramic views, and enjoy great food and drink in the many quaint alpine huts with typical specialties from South Tyrol. Have you ever heard of the ‘Brixner Höhenweg’ (High Altitude Trail)? This hiking trail with great views leads from the mountain station of the Plose cable car up to the panoramic plateau on Mount Telegraph and on to the lodge Ochsenalm. Or do you know, for example, Lake Rondella (Radelsee) and the Lodge Radelsee right next to it? Countless legends surround this mountain lake.

Castles and Palaces in Isarco Vallex South Tyrol

Isarco Valley South Tyrol

Castles and Palaces

One of the most important transit routes in the Eastern Alps leads through the Isarco Valley. The enormous economic and strategic importance of the valley is made evident by the many castles and palaces that are lined up across the region – almost like a string of pearls. Emperors and kings, popes and bishops, traders, merchants, poets and artists and even entire armies – they all used the route across the Brennero Pass. The Isarco Valley connects Germany to the Po Valley, from Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea. The many castles along the Brennero route served on the one hand to defend and control the traffic route, on the other hand they were also representative buildings that testified to the power and wealth of their owners. Discover the Fortress Fortezza above Bressanone, the only baroque castle in South Tyrol: Wolfsthurn Castle in Racines, Trostburg, Velthurns Castle, Gernstein Castle near Chiusa and many more.

Ready, set, go climbing

High-ropes course

Ready, set, go climbing!

The high-ropes course in Funes is located in a unique panorama under the Odle Peaks in the Funes Valley and is only 50 m from the car park Ranui. Fun and excitement are guaranteed: With twelve courses of different heights and degrees of difficulty and with a total of approx. 120 stations, it has plenty to offer for young and old.

The high-ropes course ‘Skytrek’ in Vipiteno also offers an ideal destination for families with children and adventure seekers. In the heart of the beautiful city of Vipiteno, you may climb parcourse amidst treetops, race down long ziplines, conquer a high climbing tree and enjoy the resting areas with hammocks.

The gorge 'Gilfenklamm' close to Vipiteno

Natural monument

The gorge ‘Gilfenklamm’ close to Vipiteno

A truly special gorge awaits you in Racines (Wipptal): The Gilfenklamm – a gorge in pure white marble. Explore it in about an hour’s hike over wooden walkways and bridges and feel the waterfalls on your skin. The elemental force of the water, which has cut through the rock for thousands of years, is tangible with all senses. The gorge is protected as a natural monument and counts among the most beautiful natural spectacles in the Alpine region.

Rafting & Canyoning

Menge Action

Rafting & Canyoning

Nicht nur für Ihre Kinder ein großer Spaß: Leihen Sie sich Mountaincarts aus und unternehmen Sie eine Spritztour auf der Plose! Am Steuer eines der dreirädrigen Flitzer erleben Sie unseren Hausberg von einer ganz eigenen Seite – nämlich mit einer rasanten Action, wie sie für einen Sommerurlaub in den Bergen schon ungewöhnlich ist. Die 10-km-Strecke von der Bergstation bis zur Talstation gilt als besonders spannender Parcours. Das Witzige an den Mountaincarts ist, dass sie über keine Pedale verfügen. Dennoch lässt sich die Geschwindigkeit individuell regeln und auch bremsen können Sie selbstverständlich. Wenn Sie das überhaupt wollen! Aber keine Sorge: Die kleinen, sehr stabilen Fun-Carts mit den zwei breiten und dem einen schmalen Reifen sind hervorragend tauglich für Ausfahrten in den Dolomiten und gelten als sehr sicher.

Biking on Mount Plose

Striking landscape

Biking on Mount Plose

In the summer, explore Mount Plose near Bressanone on two wheels and enjoy the striking landscape along these mountain trails with great views. Mountain bike tours are an immensely popular activity. For leisurely bikers there are three pleasure bike tours that take you to the most beautiful panoramic lodges: Plosehütte, Pfannspitzhütte as well as Rossalm.

Discover Mount Plose with Mountain Carts


Discover Mount Plose with ‘Mountain Carts’

Great fun, not only for kids: Rent some Mountain Carts and enjoy a joyride on Mount Plose! At the wheel of one of the three-wheeled speedsters you will experience our local mountain from a very special side – fast-paced action that is truly unique during a summer holiday in the mountains. The 10-km route from the mountain station to the valley station offers a particularly exciting experience. The funny thing about the Mountain Carts is that they don’t have pedals. Nevertheless, the speed can be controlled individually and of course you can also brake. If you want to! But don’t worry: The small, very stable Fun-Carts with two wide tires and one narrow tire are ideally suited for trips in the Dolomites and are considered very safe.

Paragliding in South Tyrol


The dream of flying

Would not that be overwhelming? You on the paraglider high above the Eisack valley, like an eagle on the slopes of the Plose gently floating, free and happy? This can be set up: There are several starting points on the Plose, from where you can take off in tandem with an experienced pilot all year round. This experience will be guaranteed kept forever in your memories.

Prerequisites or special abilities are not necessary, but good shoes. Maybe do you celebrate a birthday during your holiday in the Eisack valley? Then you have the right present! Here you can contact the organizer Priller Florian: http://www.para-tandemteam.com/en

Autumn Pleasures  – Törggelen

The 5th season
in the Isarco Valley

On the last warm autumn days, the taverns in the lower Isarco Valley open their doors and invite you to the ancient tradition of ‘Törggelen’. You will feel at home in the rustic parlours, and you might think that the time of our hectic world has been turned back. Sitting together, laughing, sharing experiences and at the same time enjoying the typical specialties of our region.

The origin of ‘Törggelen’ are the wine tastings of the winegrowers, which over time has been moved from the cold cellars to the cosy living rooms. Tasting with relatives and neighbours was of course more fun and the event became ever more sociable.

By the way: The name of the tradition is derived from ‘Torggel’ (Latin: “torquere – to press”), the grape press in the cellar.

Törggelen is available where chestnuts and wine grow. Therefore, the custom probably originated in the Isarco Valley.

Törggelen – The 5th season in Isarco Valley
Selected wines from the Isarco Valley

Excellent young wines

Selected wines from the Isarco Valley

The many vineyards around Bressanone and in the lower Isarco Valley show how important wine is for this area. The northernmost growing area in Italy is known for excellent fresh wines. Perhaps you are familiar with Müller-Thurgau, Sylvaner, Kerner and Riesling from the Isarco Valley?
In the Monastery of Novacella you have the opportunity to visit the vineyards as well as the winery and then take part in a wine tasting.

Hiking along the Keschtnweg

Autumn in South Tyrol

Hikes along the ‘Keschtnweg’ (Chestnut Trail)

The Isarco Valley Chestnut Trail, the ‘Keschtnweg’, connects the 63-km sunny slopes between Bolzano and Bressanone.
The best hiking tip for autumn in South Tyrol is the trail ‘Keschtnweg’. Here, you may perfectly combine hiking and feasting – especially between the end of September and the beginning of November, when the area shows its most beautiful sides during Törggelen season.

Many excursion destinations

On holiday in the Eisack valley

Even active tourists in the Dolomites need a break. Then a city visit or a trip to a special place of interest come just right. If you spend your summer holidays in South Tyrol in our region, you do not have to look long for it. Strolling through the old bishop’s town of Brixen with its winding alleys, baroque buildings, cafes and shops. Test the water slide in the Acquarena fun pool in Brixen. Take part in a free city tour. Then stop by the Neustift Kloster and take a tour of the vineyards. Or you can visit Ötzi in the Archaeological Museum in Bozen. In your holidays in the Alps trips destinations won’t miss.