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Holiday in South Tyrol

Vacation in the Dolomites

Holiday in South Tyrol

Vacation in the Dolomites

Holiday in South Tyrol

Vacation in the Dolomites

Holiday in South Tyrol

Vacation in the Dolomites

Holiday in South Tyrol

Vacation in the Dolomites

Holiday in South Tyrol

Vacation in the Dolomites

Inner harmony, balance, well-being…offers you our well-equipped wellness hotel at Brixen

Do yourself something good and use the large wellness oasis of our house. In our wellness hotel in Brixen, you will find everything that will give you relaxing peace, fresh energy and pure life.

wellness hotel South Tyrol

Indoor & outdoor pool Refreshment with panoramic view

Isn’t that glorious! Whenever you are there, you can refresh yourself in our panoramic indoor pool. Make a few laps in the large pool with countercurrent system to relax. When you visit our wellness hotel at Brixen, you will keep your body smoothly while swimming. In the water you will find the perfect balance for all activities outside in the nature of South Tyrol. On the sun loungers, you can enjoy a great panorama view over Brixen and the Eisack valley through the wide window front. Our panoramic indoor pool, by the way, has a constant water temperature of 30°C every season, the connected whirlpool is even a bit warmer.
Absolutely use also our Outdoor-Infinity-Attraction pool with the southlook whose salty source water has a likeable temperature of 32°C all year round. It offers many atractions such as a water geyser on the ground, two massage towers, a sparkling bench, a massage lounger and a neck shower. Here, our guests can enjoy an uninterrupted swimming sessions in peace.


Make sure you also take advantage of our brand new outdoor infinity attraction pool with a view of the South, whose water is 32°C warm all year round.

Lawn the resting place in a wellness holiday

wellness hotel with lawnThe sun over South Tyrol means well with the Eisack valley. Our region is not for nothing known for its many sunny days, which you cannot only use outdoor in nature, but also at our house. After a strenuous mountain tour or as a relaxing break in-between you can relax on our large lawn at your heart’s content. Enjoy the wellness in the Dolomites with a book on one of the sun loungers, let your eyes wander to the blue shimmering mountains and enjoy the incomparable light, the warmth, the natural energy at the bottom of the Plose.

Sauna the ideal holiday regeneration

hotel with sauna

Do you like hot temperatures? Take your time and visit our Finnish sauna. A more pleasant experience on a cold winter day cannot be imagined. Extensive saunas expel tensions, give you new strength and reconcile body and spirit. Spend quietly a whole sauna evening in your wellness holiday in South Tyrol. This can be combined with a solarium stay. Afterwards, our darkened relaxation room awaits you with discreet wellness music and a beautiful southern view.

Steam bath – a very recommended tip for your wellness travels

Our Turkish steam bath provides an additional hot power. Imagine just how you are going to strip off the ski clothing after your ski fun on the Plose and let yourself be surrounded by the unique feeling of warmth, just like a steam bath. Some guests feel the visit to the steam bath as an enjoyable summit of their wellness travel and make it part of their daily duty program.

Hay bath – natural herbal power for inner healing

The hay bath has a long tradition in South Tyrol. In the past, our mountain farmers often slept in the mown grass after the haymaking, recovering the lost power. Since mountain herbs and fresh grass affect the skin, you can mitigate joint problems, promote circulation and metabolism, maintain the skin and exert many other positive effects on the body. In the hay bath, the fermentation process in the plant parts is even more activated by the heat of the water, so that their valuable essential oils are released quickly. For our hay bath we use only the finest hay from our own meadow. Try it at your wellness hotel near Brixen. You will feel on top of the world afterwards!


Kneipp water wellness in the Dolomites

The therapy of Sebastian Kneipp is holistic and contains many elements. In our wellness hotel near Brixen we focus on hydrotherapy – gentle applications with water, which are not only very popular in South Tyrol. The focus is on fonts and water treads. This causes a natural reaction of the body, which has a variety of therapeutic effects. Thus, studies have shown that, for example, varicose veins can be alleviated and the quality of life of bronchitis patients can be improved by Kneipp therapy. Make your experiences as well. You will be pleasantly energized afterwards.

Fitness room more power on vacation

Do you have some things to do during your holiday in Plose? Our wellness area also includes a fitness room, with equipment from Vision Fitness, where you can quickly get fit. Many of our guests use this training facility to keep their normal fitness level from home even in the wellness holiday – or to catch up during the holidays, what everyday life has prevented them to do so far. Popular sporting events in our region – such as the Dolomites Marathon or the Sigma-sponsered Mountain bike stage race – require the utmost in strength and fitness. If you would like to participate in it or just want to get fit for the next climbing tour or a tight summit climb – at our wellness hotel in Brixen, everything is ready!

jogging active South Tyrol

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