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  • Hotel mit Tieren in Südtirol

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Unsere Lamas aus den Anden nach Südtirol

Holidays in South Tyrol

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of our lamas!

Animals also belong to a real farm. And if you are looking for a suitable hotel in South Tyrol, it is also important to know which farm animals your children can learn and experience. Especially for city children, it is always a special experience to get in touch with four-legged friends, to caress them, to feed them and to appreciate their typical peculiarities. There is plenty of opportunity for us at the Torgglerhof. The stars in our little farm zoo are our lamas! Under the careful supervision of our senior hotel chef Hans, your children can feed them and the other farm animals with their own mountain pastures

Our Lamas

From the Andes to South Tyrol

Perhaps you will ask yourself: How will the South American lamas feel in the mountains of South Tyrol? Wonderful! Because This humpless, type of camel full with wool loves mountains. In their homeland, lamas are on the go at heights of up to 5,000 m and carry loads of up to 30 kg even in the thinner mountain air. They do not have to do this with us. The Eisack valley also offers optimal living conditions, which make these highly social gregarious animals an extraordinary holiday companion. Since Lamas need the proximity of fellow-species, they are kept by us in a small herd, with which you and your family will surely have great time

Our llamas from the Andes to South Tyrol

Llamas & Home

Did you know

in their homeland, lamas are on the go at heights of up to 5,000 m and carry loads of up to 30 kg?“

Our lamas will not only conquer children’s hearts. Everyone has their own name: Maia, Margarita, Max … When you or your kids call them by the name, they come up confidently and nibble the brought goodies from the hands. By the way, you do not have to worry, our lamas could spit. They do this exclusively for the defence of the area and to regulate the ranking in the herd. On the contrary, lamas are even considered extremely gentle and are often used in animal-assisted therapy. So some traumatization or other psychological problem situation could be solved with the support of a peaceful, good-natured lama. As a real hotel in South Tyrol, however, we use the dense wool of our lamas – every day we feel that these quiet animals from the Andes have a positive influence on body and soul, and would like to share this with you.